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The purpose of the NE type bucket elevator and characteristics

Date: 2014-8-12 16:40:36 Read: 2759 times

The purpose of the NE type bucket elevator and characteristics 
NE series plate chain hoist a total of 11 kinds of models: NE15, NE30, NE50, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500, NE600, NE800. 
This promotion machine has the following features: 
1, wide range of ascension. This type of hoist the blocks for material types, features and requirements. Not only can improve general powder, granular and lump materials, materials and improve grinding cut can be large. Material temperature of 250 degrees or less. 
2, large transmission capacity. This series of machines have a variety of specifications NE15 ~ NE800 ascension. Lifting capacity range of 15 ~ 800 m 3 / h. 
3, small driving power. This kind of elevator to take into the type of feeding, gravity induction discharge, and using intensive decorate the large capacity of hopper conveying, chain of large amount of low speed increase. Material ascends, almost no back and dig material phenomenon, therefore less reactive power, the power consumption is 70% of the chain hoist. 
4, long service life. Hoist feed take into the type, without using bucket digging of material, material between extrusion and collision occur rarely, this machine is designed to protect material in the feed, not in the lifting and unloading material, reduces mechanical wear, lose to send the plate chain high strength wear resistant chain, greatly extend the service life. Under normal use, the service life of the conveyor chain for more than five years. 
5, high hoisting height. This series of chain hoist speed is low, stable operation, and using plate chain high strength wear resistant alloy steel chain, thus can reach high hoisting height (40 m in height). 
6, good sealing. Ring gold less pollution. 
7, good reliability. Advanced design principle, the reliability of the machine running, trouble-free time for more than 30000 hours. 
8, operation, easy maintenance, less wearing parts. 
9, mechanical size small. Compared with the same lifting capacity of other kinds of hoist, this elevator mechanical size is smaller. 
10 port type, structure, high precision. Casing by folding and intermediate embossing, then through welding, good rigidity, beautiful appearance. 
11, low use cost. Due to energy saving and less maintenance, low use cost.