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Secondary crusher industry prospects

Date: 2014-7-29 18:16:27 Read: 2835 times

Used crusher as its name implies is used crusher used equipment. Second-hand crusher still maintained the original technical performance, play its role. More cost-effective and second-hand equipment, saving the cost of manufacturer. 
As practitioners of second-hand equipment, we should see the countries for the policy guidance has been very positive. As early as in 2000, the national development and reform commission issued revised the current national focus on encouraging the development of the industry, catalogue of products and technologies will appear in the entry of second-hand equipment industry: "idle equipment swap market", "rental services". In 2004 the ministry of commerce issued a notice for accelerating the development of old industry, further brought second-hand equipment industry a detailed favorable policy support. In September 2009, the ministry of commerce announced that approved the "general principles of the circulation of second-hand equipment technical specifications", and in March 2010. This is a country through the first formal norms about circulation of second-hand equipment, can say this is the beginning of a new change. In September 2010, circulation of second-hand equipment technical standards 4 drafting group work conference held in Beijing, the meeting is an important node of the process of our second-hand equipment standardization, it is of great significance for the domestic second-hand equipment market code. 
It is out for the development of the industry recognition and support, second-hand equipment industry has always been a concern with the relevant state departments will field, develop continuously support and standardize the development of the industry policies and regulations and technical standards. Predictably, the national related department will also be introduced relevant policies and regulations and technical standards of second-hand equipment, further standardize and support the healthy development of the industry. As practitioners, I think you should be under the guidance of national good policy, play out the biggest ability, actively promote the industry's sustainable development forward.