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Product Description
Classifier is introduced 
Classifier, the NSP cement production line in the raw coal grinding, drying and cement grinding mill system is widely used. Can be divided into three separate classifier, centrifugal classifier, cyclone classifier three categories. 
Classifier classification 
Classifier has many types, different types of suitable material is different, different models are also according to customer's requirement for material fineness to production. General common classifier has whirlwind whirlwind classifier, three separate classifier, centrifugal classifier, coal mill dedicated classifier, special calcium powder classifier, etc. Later developed a lot of efficient classifier, efficient three separation classifier, they are on the basis of the original improvement, increase production of new varieties. 
Classifier performance characteristics of products 
(1) static hierarchical scattered equipment, no moving parts, reliable, stable work, for rolling machine running smoothly, improve the system output; 
(2) the structure is simple, wear parts service life is long; 
(3) the use of air volume is small, small differential pressure loss; 
(4) finished product fineness can be controlled by adjusting the wind speed, convenient adjustment and reliable; 
(5) with functions of drying. 
Classifier product parameters: 

規格型號 喂料量(t/h) 風量(m3/min) 產量(t/h) 比表面積(c/g) 電動機功率(kw)
N-1000 180 1000 36-60 3100-3300 75
N-1500 270 1500 55-90 3100-3300 90
N-2000 400 2000 72-120 3100-3500 132
N-2500 450 2500 135-150 3300-3600 132
N-3000 400 3000 110 3300-3600 160
N-3500 525 3500 126-210 3400-3600 200
N-4000 400-650 4000 190-220 3100-3500 200
N-4500 810 4500 162-270 3100-3300 280

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