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Product Name:The dryer

The dryer
  • The dryer
Product Description
The dryer is introduced 
Dryer with belt type drying, drying cylinder, box-type drying, drying tower and so on several patterns; Heat source coal, electricity, gas, etc.; Material hot atmosphere flow during drying and radiant, hot air drying cylinder is the heat flow from the tail, to move forward with a good contact with the material, through the heat conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer make full use of; Pass heat directly to the material, make the material moisture to evaporate in the cylinder body are constantly being, into the mouth of the wind device take out a large number of moisture, wet, prevent secondary pollution caused by the dust outside; Through the spiral stirring, swept away, copy board, to promote the material movement, complete the whole drying process; Current conduction to take off the wet, avoid reduce duplication of drying process. 
Dryer can be divided into two kinds,, industrial and civil industrial dryers are also called drying equipment or dryer, civil dryer is one of the washing machine, general after washing dehydration, used to remove the moisture in clothing and other textiles. 
Ordinary routine working principle of the dryer 
The dryer under the effect of the draught fan, the fresh air outside straight through the air inlet and the heater into dry hot air after heat exchange, and then clothes after heat exchange with the roller in the roll was out of the body, and the clothes in the drum, under the effect of dry hot air moisture evaporation and drying step by step. Due to the need to absorb and evaporate the moisture from the clothing consumption of thermal energy, so the dryer exhaust temperature decrease moisture as clothing and escalate. Main problem is the heater leakage heat dissipation and casing waste heat, steam pressure fluctuations had a great influence on energy consumption. 
Scope of application 
The dryer is mainly used for dressing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments dries certain humidity or the granularity material. Dryers are widely used in the tea, and Chinese herbal medicine, corn, vegetables, food, chicken manure, slag, towels, bedding bag, sawdust, coal slurry, desulfurization gypsum, compound fertilizer, honeysuckle, straw briquette fuel, charcoal machine, wood pellet fuel, sawdust briquetting, agricultural engineering, etc. 
Main types of the drier, drum dryer, three return dryer, three drum dryer, intermittent dryer, direct thermal dryers, dry clothes dryers, powder dryer, stone professional dryers, a new dryer, second hand dryer, industrial dryers, tea dryer, and Chinese herbal medicine drying machine, corn dryer, vegetables dehydration dryer, foodstuff dryer, chicken manure dryer, tumble dryer, drum dryer, stone dryers, rotary dryer, flux drying machine, automatic dryers, oil dryer, electric heating dryer, energy-saving dryer, clothes dryer, towel dryer, computer intelligent dryer, steam dryer, gas dryer, coal slime dryer, slag drier, sludge dryers, quartz sand dryer, fly ash, sand dryer dryers, desulfurization gypsum dryer, and sawdust dryer dehydration, tunnel dryer, dryer, compound fertilizer dryer, honeysuckle, dryers, wine tank dryer, etc. 
Product features 
Large intensity of drying, high dispersion due to the material in the air, all the surface area of particles extremely dry effective area. 
The drying time is short. 
Air dryer structure is simple, cover an area of an area small, easy to build and repair. 
Large capacity, high thermal efficiency. When drying the combined water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%. 
Drying machine to achieve the "zero thrust", greatly reducing the wheel wear, shell smooth and reliable operation; Drying machine adopts "self-aligning roller device", make the wheel and roll ring with a linear contact forever, thus greatly reduces the wear and power loss. 
The working principle of 
By electricity, diesel power, wind power, flammable material, such as environmental air heating power use, to breakthrough, then reaches the appropriate temperature for dehumidification process. 
Specific process is as follows: wet material by belt conveyor or bucket elevator to the hopper, and then through the hopper feeder through the feeding tube into the feed end. The feed pipe slope should be greater than the natural inclination of materials, so that the material flow into the dryer smoothly. Dryer cylinder is a horizontal line slightly tilted into the rotation of the cylinder. Material from high end to join, heating medium from low-end to enter, and material into a counter-current contact, there is also a heating medium with materials and flow into the cylinder. With the rotation of the cylinder material by gravity to run to the bottom on the lower side. Wet materials in the process of cylinder body move forward, directly or indirectly get the heating medium for heat, to dry the wet material, and then by the belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharge end. Inside the cylinder wall with copy board, its role is to put the material copy up and again, the contact surface is increased and the air flow of material, in order to improve the drying rate and promote the material progress. Heating medium is generally divided into the hot air and flue gas, etc. After heating medium by the dryer, generally need to cyclone with materials in the gas trap. For further reducing exhaust dust content, but also put again after a bag filter or wet precipitator emissions. 
The dryer product parameters 

規格型號(mm) 轉速(min) 斜度(%) 氣溫度(℃) 生產 能力(t/h) 重量 重量(t)
GZф800×8000 3.8 5 ≤700 0.8-2.0 3.5
GZф1000×10000 3.8 5 ≤700 1.0-3.5 5.6
GZф1200×10000 3 3 ≤700 1.8-5 14.55
GZф1500×14000 2.08 5 ≤700 3.3-7.5 17.8
GZф1800×14000 2.08 5 ≤700 5-9 22
GZф2200×16000 4.7 5 ≤700 6-12 36
GZф2400×18000 4 5 ≤800 10-15 52

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