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64-5 dust catcher

Date: 2014-8-26 17:59:10

Filter working principle is as follows: dust gas by bottom open flange into the filter chamber, coarser particles directly into the ash bin, dusty gas through the filter bag filter, dust resistance in bag table, net net gas through the mouth to the gas chamber, by the fan into the atmosphere. When growing on the surface of the filter bag dust, program-controlled machine began to work, one by one open pulse valve, make the compressed air through the vent to blowing soot cleaning of filter bag, filter bag balloon suddenly, under the action of reverse flow, gives the dust bag table quickly out of the filter bag into the ash bin dust by the discharge valve discharge. 
Dust remover is mainly composed of enclosure, the enclosure, ash hopper, into the wind tube, filter bag and flow injection device, discharge device, etc. Dust gas from dust in the wind pipe flow into each room ash hopper, and the ash hopper guiding device, under the guide of large particles of dust is separated, directly into the hopper, and a fine dust evenly into the middle box body and adsorption on the outer surface of the filter pocket, clean gas through the filter bag into the box body, and the offline valve and exhaust duct into the atmosphere. As the working condition of filter, filter bag dust pile up, when a device to limit the resistance value of resistance (typically set to 1500 pa), controlled by the ash removal device according to the differential pressure value or soot cleaning time automatically closed one room offline after valve, open the electric pulse valve, according to the setup program to stop the wind blowing, the use of compressed air blowing moment so that the pressure in the filter bag together, to shake off the dust on the filter bag (although can more thoroughly clear stick fine dust ash) into the hopper, discharge from row of institutions. 

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